Some facilities that you can use during at Koh Lipe

Some facilities that you can use during at Koh Lipe


ATM– As of 2017, there are 4 ATM’s on Koh Lipe, two ATM’s next to the 7-eleven that is half way down Walking Street, one ATM across the street from Pooh’s next to a travel agency, one by Cheap Cheap grocery store, one across the street from Pooh’s.

Immigration–  The Immigration Office is located on Pattaya Beach, next to Bundhaya Resort. The office is only open from the end of October until the end of May when the boats to Langkawi Malaysia are running. You can only enter Thailand here if your country is allowed for a Tourist Visa Exemption. Please check the visa regulations for your country.

Police & Tourist Police- The Police Office is located behind Immigration on Pattaya Beach. There are several Tourist Police volunteers on Koh Lipe they speak English & you can spot them with a black tourist police t-shirt.

Hospital- The local hospital is on Sunrise Beach next to the school, the doctors speaks English. The hospital has a basic stock of medical supplies and can provide you with first aid. Another small clinic is located next to Pooh’s Restaurant on Walking Street and the doctor speaks great English and is heard to accept all major travel insurance. A large private hospital was just completed on walking street only 200 meters from Pattaya Beach.

7 eleven There are two 7 elevens located on Walking Street. The second one was just completed in December 2016. It is stocked with everything a normal 7 eleven on the mainland would have just slightly higher prices average 10-20 baht per item.


We just returned from Koh Lipe during peak season, we spent 14 nights of fun in the sun. Let’s go through an average cost for a day on Koh Lipe for 2 adults. The prices are much higher compared to Chiang Mai where we currently are living.

1,450 baht room at Salisa Resort on Sunrise beach, breakfast included

290 baht lunch, each having a chicken curry with rice and a coke at Leonardo’s

100 baht two smoothies from yoo-hoo lady on walking street

80 baht two beers bought at the liquor store brought back to our beach chairs to help cool us down

40 two samosas (potato & mango) from the yoo-hoo lady on the beach, she comes out around 4pm

270 spring rolls, papaya salad, and chicken pad thai bring your own water for dinner

200 two mojitos at 100 Cocktails bar after dinner

50 baht for a 6 pack of 1liter bottles of water

Total 2,480 baht or $70 a day for two people

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